Support Section - VRI Questions & Answers

Federal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is now available! Federal Relay now offers instantaneous video interpreting for one-on-one meetings and appointments with your managers, peers or co-workers. Check with the Sprint Federal Relay team ( to find out if your agency has a task order, and start using the service today!

What is Federal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Federal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) provides Deaf and hard of hearing Federal employees with on-demand remote sign language interpreting in order to facilitate communication between individuals who are in the same location (i.e. office, cubical, front desk, etc.) 

Federal VRI Toll Free Numbers:

  • Videophone (English or Spanish): (877) 689-7775
  • ISDN Access (English): 855.724.6514
  • ISDN Access (Spanish): 866.284.6939

What are the benefits of Federal VRI?

  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with your managers, coworkers, and peers using a certified sign language interpreter
  • No need to reserve a live sign language interpreter in advance
  • Communicate from your own office space
  • All calls are confidential and no records of conversations are ever retained
  • Available sign language interpreting in English and Spanish language (if English/Spanish translation is needed, 24 hours notice is required)
  • Meets a number of security requirements including GSA IT Security Standards, Federal Information Processing Standards (see for more information)

How do I use Federal VRI?

You can access Federal VRI services from your video phone, or with a webcam and the Federal VRS software on your computer.

Video Phone Users:

  1. Dial 877-689-7775  on your video phone equipment. Choose option1 for English or option 2 for Spanish
  2. You will be connected to a Video Interpreter (VI)
    1. If your video phone has audio capabilities, you may go ahead and start your call
    2. If your video phone does not have audio capabilities provide the VI with the telephone number so that they may call back in to your meeting. You have the option to enable your video phone’s speaker capabilities or the hearing person can speak through his/her cell phone or telephone in your office.
  3. Simply begin your conversation!

How do I add Federal VRI number to my contact and/or address book? 

You can follow the step by step instructions by downloading the PDF here.

Thank you for your interest in using VRI. Please send an email to if you have any questions or concerns.